Passion is that ingredient of life which if absent can make life really boring, just like food without salt. But if added can change the meaning of life completely.

This word has always fascinated me. Ever since I have understood the true meaning of this word, I keep rediscovering its meaning in one or the other form, I keep encountering those individuals who are not only passionate but keep spreading their passion, making it a mission of their life.

Not that I was not passionate before discovering this word. The feeling of ecstasy, the extreme joy, the bubbling up of emotions, intense satisfactions are the things that would symbolize passion. Every person experiences it, but very few make it grow.

It’s an emotion that can overcome all other obstacles. It’s a feeling that would keep you going and keep the hopes alive.

Off course nobody other than you can tell, what makes you feel passionate about. What is that one thing that ignites fire in you?

It can be as big as reaching out to the moon or as tiny as having your own bike. It does not really matter, what matters is the driving force, what matters is your energy, your intensity, the feeling of satisfaction as you get closer to what you are looking for, a step at a time.

A passionate person is quite distinct. It can be seen in the eyes and felt in the vibration of his voice. It has that strong goodness attached to it and it surpasses all the other limitations and boundaries. It makes you see the path very clearly and gives undeterred confidence. His energy is contagious and can spread like a fire.

This person talks about dreams and sees his dreams materializing almost every day. These dreams keep his passion fired up and give meaning to life, which is the final goal for everyone.

This place is, all about your dreams, vision, efforts, difficulties, failures, learnings and the ultimate passion to be there where you really want to be, to do what you really want to do.

This is the window that lets me connect with rest of the world, who are passionate and want to really make some difference to, not only their lives, but few other lives as well. It’s for those who can think differently, who can break the boundaries, who believe in action, who take risks, who believe in dreams and beauty and power of their mind.

Those, who stay away from cynicism and always surround themselves with positive forces. Those, who believe that we humans are the most beautiful creations of God and we have the power to change things for better.

This is for those who want to be rich and help others do the same. Who think wealth, although is not ultimate, is important and coming together as a team one can achieve a lot more than an individual alone can’t.

This for those who believe in making the ideas work and have patience to work hard and create something that would make big difference in the long run. Yes, I am talking about those who are enterprising who want to make things happen, rather than waiting for things to happen.

This is for those who believe in their potential; those who crave for freedom, value life, value relations and more importantly value their values. It’s for those who want to leave a legacy, contribute to the society and make some difference in the minutest way they can.