I started my journey in a small and beautiful town of Vasai near Mumbai. I am a romantic husband, a loving father of two kids, an obedient son, a trustworthy brother, a traveler, a passionate Entrepreneur, an IT Professional and a dreamer by nature.

Travel and writing about my travel is my passion. I love reading, understanding different cultures, their history, the people, their customs, food and everything that includes celebration of life. I can talk about life, absorb art and culture, and motivate young minds. I love swimming and playing badminton with my daughter helps me enjoy sports. Nature stimulates my passion and I lose myself completely at the roaring of the seas, tranquility of the thick forests, and beauty of the landscapes.

Being from a very middle class background the goal was to get good education, get good degree and get the best job. IT being the most sought after career, I jumped into it. Job did give me opportunities to see the world, platform to explore, to develop myself and be what I am today. But there was always that inner craving that did not let me sit quiet. The craving was for freedom, the craving was for doing the things that I always dreamed about.

I decided not to compromise and start working on my dreams in parallel. I found that breaking away from being an Employee and becoming an Enterpreneur is not an easy task considering the stage at which I was in my life. The option was to seek a balance, where I keep my job but at the same time pursue my passions and build few other sources of income that would eventually give me more time and more freedom.

A forum called as “Landmark Forum” ignited my feeling of finding a bigger purpose in life and not limiting me to what I am today. Books like “A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and “The Alchemist” made me realize that one has to follow his instinct and take up the journey that his mind aspires to. Registering ideas to notebook, gazing at the open skies and wondering about life gave me strength as well as passion to do something about life.

I am trying to pass on what I have learnt till now to more people to help them build their dreams and become more passionate towards life. Hence the name “Live Thy Passion”. It does not matter where you are and what you are doing currently, there is always a way to reach to your destiny, if you wish to. The attempt is to pass on the motivation, to all those, who want to make change to their world, however small or big that, might be.

I have a strong belief that every person comes with some definite purpose in life. Although one can get guidance and help from others, it’s the person himself, who has to decide, once and for all, what he wants to do in his life, through soul searching, spending time with self and then venture into a journey of passion.

Here, I am still into my journey, to achieve what I have set out for and learning on daily basis from people like you. So this place is also an open forum for people who want to generate ideas and make some difference in the life of people, by whatever tiny bits they can.