Dying to Be Me

After watching Anita Moorjani’s TED talk on you-tube recently, it seemed like this lady is really making so much of sense. All that she was taking about absolutely resonated with few of my own thoughts and I am sure it would with most of you. Her book “Dying to Be Me” is being translated into 32 languages and people around the world are reaching her out to understand what she is trying to convey.

She mentioned that we all live a life which is a product of expectations from the outside world and that’s so true, especially in Indian context. The primary motivation or constraint for everything that we do is fear, that we have developed over a period of time, as part of our bringing up and that’s not a very healthy emotion.

She also goes on to say that do not be afraid of death, because her experience of the other side of the world was much beautiful and when our loved one pass away we all need not feel guilty. She says they want you to be happy and continue a normal life.

Her recovery from n-degree cancer was almost a miracle in medical science and when she came back from her coma, she knew she was going to heal, she wanted to live for the love of her husband and that she must live a life which is full of love and abundance.

She mentions that, it is very important to love yourself, before you love others, because unless you love yourself, you can’t really love others. Loving yourself gives you a healthier outlook and with that perspective, you have a different conviction towards life.

Things like laughter, humour and joy are very important. They are natural to us. A kid is buzzing with joy and laughter all the time, irrespective of what’s going on around him. Think if we could retain that nature, think if we could laugh and enjoy every moment as we did as a kid, we would eliminate most of our problems related to anxiety, stress and expectations.

One must be, what he/she wants to be and this inner call matters the most. There is always some definite purpose in each person’s life and if we are not pursuing those, we are not really living a healthy life. Our life is a gift. It is too precious to be wasted and so we should value our life and see how we can make it happier, more satisfying.

Most of the sufferings, diseases, mental illnesses are manifestations of your conflicts and unless and until you work towards following your instinct and coming out of these constraints of fear, you would never feel happy and fulfilled. On the other hand, the inner conflict can manifest itself as diseases and the effects can be catastrophic.

Identifying yourself is so very important and most of us really relate to things, which are happening around and blindly follow them.  People do things out of peer pressure, social binding and so on. Even your own close family should come second, when it comes to finding fulfillment and following your mind. Being dictated and constrained is worst feeling and that would cripple you as a person and a human being and even God won’t be happy, if you live a life which is not your own.

This also does not mean, do whatever that struck your mind, it does not mean the freedom that people use or misuse in few parts of the world. It does not mean you indulge into things that give you temporary pleasures. It’s important to experience and know what these things are, but it’s very important to move on and look for more deeper meaning in life.

For you to really follow your mind, you should be able to start communicating with your mind. Your mind should be the most sacred source of energy, vitality and direction for you. It’s more like getting in touch with the creator and considering yourself as the most beautiful creation. The feeling is amazing, when you start realizing this.

This is when you understand that you are limitless, you have all the power to changes things for better and does not matter where you start, there is this inner power in you, that can take you to the height that you are meant to achieve. This is where you start getting your answers from inside of you and you have nowhere else to go.



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