Literally speaking this is the impression of our feet on a sandy surface.

In a metaphorical term its the size of your empire if you are an entrepreneur or for an individual it could just be the type of things you are involved in, your material possessions and kind of efforts and time you put into supporting them.

Generally speaking the stars and the film actors might have a larger than life image and their footprint can be quite huge, but then there can be really talented people being able to juggle a lot of things together and thus creating a huge footprint.

We as humans have that unlimited potential and we keep expanding ourselves and creating these larger than life images or footprints. In fact, as humans, we do have a larger footprint as compared to any other living being on this earth. Does all that justify?

As humans and as individuals we all are prey to this intrinsic attribute called as human lust, which we many a time classify as growth or so-called progress. Are we not selfish here? Do we ever think in terms of sharing and making sure everyone gets his share?

By doing this we not only create steep competition among ourselves but also take away, which we might otherwise be sharing with others. You might simply call it as a capitalist and socialist thought process, but it’s much more than that. Because the government might promote any one of those, but still as individuals, we might be considerate and take only what we really need rather than want.

I would agree that as humans we have to step away from poverty, old views, also explore the world, learn new things, reach out to the moon and all that, but then we do need to be conscious of the fact that while doing so, are we being considerate towards other species, are we destroying the environment, are we running a rat race, is it only for our own selfish reasons or is there any long-term and broader goal encompassing everyone or is it intended to benefit only a few individuals.

Aren’t all the conflicts we have between these countries, or for that matter any global conflict has some roots in this nature of us. All this seems never-ending as this is more of lust, this nature of getting more and more and there seems to be no end to this greed.

Also at the individual level, we do not have time for relations, the goals are generally unreal and there are more pleasures, but less happiness.

A few centuries back we had kings and emperors as our villains, later they were corrupt politicians, but today our worst villains are we ourselves. We are just pretending to move towards the good life, but do we have a blueprint of our good life. Is it having more nightlife, soaking yourself into the deafening music, numbing your senses by high doses of alcohol, driving flashy cars, splurging money on girlfriends, having pricy meals, watching all the glamour that is shown on silver screen and trying to bring that into real life and then working your arse off day and night to support this unreal lifestyle.

There is not the time for family, kids, there isn’t any mission, its only lust, craving and few temporary emotions and that’s all this is. On a broader scale as humans, we are occupying more and more space, destroying environments, surrounding ourselves with electronic waves, spreading plastic, polluting the sea, playing with nature, eating unnatural foods and so on.

People with values, sensitive to the environment, thoughtful of others are rare. These unreal, unpractical, wealth and pleasure seekers are the mainstream people, while the people, who still respect the nature, have gratitude towards being living individuals on, one of its kind beautiful planets called as earth in this vast universe with millions of galaxies, are rare.

The question to be answered is, what are we achieving, what is our final goal, have we not come away from that survival of the fittest paradigm, are we not running these virtual races, is it going to end when you encounter a dead end or a catastrophe? Well, something to ponder on before it’s too late.

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