beautiful mind

Think about this, you must have encountered this number of times. The same humans with almost the same conditions and skills happen to do so differently. They react differently, they have different achievements and they also have different motivations.

Many times, all these things keep happening around us, and still, we are not aware of it. In fact, we see these things, but really are not consciously paying attention.

Now we all say we have the brain, but we have something more abstract called as the mind. And to a large extent, this abstract entity shapes us and even our physical attributes can be the product of this entity. Having said that how much do we work towards it.

We go to gym, we eat food, we work to make money and most of it probably just to feed ourselves isn’t it. But think really hard, is it really all about feeding yourself. You may add things like, feeding family, taking care of them and all other materialistic jazz to all this, as that’s what comes to mind when we talk about life nowadays.

But those who really discover the power of mind and the beauty of its being, they make most out of life. It is that consciousness that can make you do things that you probably would never have imagined. People have worked on this thing for centuries and have produced amazing results. One can tune his mind to resonate with his goals, his existence as a whole and can give him that enormous power to achieve something which is not possible ordinarily.

There isn’t any magic here. It’s probably a step by step process of attaining that position where you have tuned your mind enough to be in control most of the time. Total control is just impossible, but even if you achieve 10% more control than what you have today, you could be 50% more productive and 80% more confident.

The steps are simple. Start working on your mind, start communicating with yourself, reserve some personal time just for yourself to peep into your mind. You may use tools like Yoga, meditation, aroma, music, mantra’s, chanting etc. The final goal is to get this communication to the level, where you can start experimenting with yourself and making yourself flexible. Strengthening those mind’s muscles to get more insight into your own mind and ultimately getting a better understanding of human nature.

The more you understand yourself, the more connected you would be to the outside world. The cobwebs would go away and the things that seemed irrelevant, bothersome or even showstopper, start disappearing and you might be able to see a little bit farther. You will start getting answers from inside and would start seeing new possibilities for yourself.

Most of the time, we as humans don’t even want to pursue this path as it seems too abstract and too complicated. We keep going in circles to get things which are more materialistic. Things that give us wealth, fame, recognition and satisfy our ego.

But we don’t realize on the way that all those things slow us down and keep us away from more worthy goals, like reaching our personal high, in terms of better health, fantastic relationships, a wonderful orator and motivator, an artist, a creator, a scientist, a writer, who can ignite fire in others or just a dedicated philanthropist who finds all his inner satisfaction in making someone smile.

Does seem to be too difficult in today’s world, where job, family, personal aspirations take away most of our time and we do realize that we are in a vicious circle where there is no end. But at the same time, we keep running that race, even if it does not make any sense. We just want to keep up with the outside world and not to be outcasted.

But it’s never so late, before your mind starts yelling and you find yourself in a hollow, where you think you have everything, but there is this void that feels you when you are alone. It’s time to slow down, look inside, follow your heart and start leading a life of confidence, freedom and more importantly satisfaction.

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