Each one of us probably want some change. It can be anything starting from better transportation, better environment, better education to better opportunities, better living conditions and so on. But most of us wait for somebody to take the lead, somebody to think ahead, somebody who would think beyond limitations and do his bit.

Each one of us have some dream, have some passion. But most of us are stuck into the rat race of making a living. Should making a living, raising a family be a rat race? Can we not spare some time out of our daily lives for something that really makes you feel good about yourself? Something that might touch few lives and make some difference to the world that we live in. Or it might be just some artistic creation that would give you that eternal joy, which the corporate job might not be able to bring.

This section is for those who take the plunge, who dare to stand out of the crowd, who try to peep into their own minds and try to understand what they really want. These are those people which you and me meet in everyday life, but they differ only from the perspective, that they have resolved to do something about things, that go on in their mind, spare some time from their busy life for things that matter, things that they are passionate about and make some difference in the tiniest bit that they can.