Power of Doing


Yes planning is important, yes thinking is important, yes analysis is important, but what is more important is action, doing thing at hand.

It means you have made a choice, you have got a direction, you have a goal, means you can fail but still gain experience and better way of getting there. Which means you are courageous.

On the contrary not doing means you are confused and you are wasting time. It means you don’t have faith in yourself and you are afraid of failure, which means you are coward.

I can’t really explain in words the power of doing, the power of having that drive, the passion to get where you want to.

It is at times tough to figure out the priorities. Out of ten different things to be done ASAP, which one to pick first. Then there always is this thing you want to do and things you have to do. And yes there is no straight answer to this. One might write several chapters on this very topic and still keep wondering, did that answer the question.

So what’s a simpler answer. Well whenever you find it’s tough to choose, just go ahead and pick one thing randomly and get going. That “Get going” part is more important, let me tell you, as it gives you a kind of speed, acceleration and positive outlook. It actually puts you back on track, gives you your energy back and helps you keep your motivation and moral up.

It stops you from getting into that mode of frustration, overthinking and indecision. Finally, at the end of the day, even the tiniest little thing, that you might have achieved makes your day.

So next time you find yourself in a fix, to decide between things, jump on to the first thing that fascinates you and get going.


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