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Prashant a very meticulous, sincere and at the same time talkative guy, as we all knew him from our VJTI days. “Did you not finish your journal, fine, let’s check with Prashant, he might have everything ready” used to be our usual conversation. Prashant would have solutions to most problems and he was our saviour most of the times.

Today Prashant trains in better spiritual life, better health and renewed vigour. He got his deep understanding of ancient KRIYAs that have helped ancient Sadhu’s and Rishi’s to have better health and happier life by controlling our mind. He combines various schools of thought both eastern and western to achieve greater success, health and happiness in life.

While working on the issues related to his own loved ones, where today’s medical science had given up, he discovered some of these forgotten, yet powerful techniques that can be simple yet effective. While the western world tries to explore these techniques, and work hard to understand them better, it’s time for us to get to know our own legacy better.

He has been exploring energy therapy combined with spiritual inner guidance to promote healing from chronic stresses and pains. This exploration and his hands-on work with clients, led him to become intrigued with the ways the body stores emotional pain in physical tissues. For him, emotions are palpable just as a muscular knot or spasm is. Intuitive guidance often leads him to rub, tap, and flow energy intentionally between specific points on the body to bring physio-emotional relief and allow the body to heal itself.

Being a progressive person as well as scientific in nature, he has worked on most of these techniques for several years and perfected them with the help of his own experiences. He has also mastered few of the “energy psychology” techniques like EFT which have evolved in western world and proved to be of great benefits especially to athletes and sports people. He teaches how to use this simple but effective technique to be able to heal something that seems impossible under normal circumstances.

Acceptance is the starting point of resuming control over your life and change things for better. He has found from his experiences that there are many simple yet effective techniques that are easy to follow, and provides way for people like you and me to start taking steps towards repair, bring about some positive change that will affect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

He currently conducts workshops on both motivational and spiritual platforms. He has conducted more than 300 workshops. One of the workshops is “MOKSHA MANTRA” and has conducted 93 sessions till date. He teaches Mahakalyani AKSHAY KRIYA, KUBER Dhanavruddhi Sadhana, Kamadhenu Wish Installation Process and several other ancient KRIYAs that we have forgotten over time. He helps you deal with issues relating to Health, Relationship, Finance, Stress, Weight, Anxiety, Addiction et al.

He also believes in his mantra of giving back to the society. The power of your mind keeps sharpening as you keep applying it not just for the benefit of your own well being, but also for the benefit of your fellow beings. This is where he conducts sessions in some of those remote parts of Maharashtra absolutely free.

He is graciously influenced by Paramahansa Yogananda and his book called “Autobiography of a Yogi” and is blessed by teachings of many Spiritual Masters, and Seekers. Prashant says the word Meditation does not really define all the aspects of it. In fact, Meditation can start with Dhyan, take a form of Dharana and then ultimately reaching a stage of Samadhi.

The modern terminologies like goal setting and time management etc are nothing but the culmination of some ancient practices. These techniques are time immortal and can be applied even in today’s turbulent times. In fact, they make more sense in life where there are more distractions and tribulations.

Prashant is a living example of word passion. He left his job in Bharat Bijlee in 2004 and decided to follow his calling. He really did not have enough savings to be able to manage his daily chores, but the decision was firm and the direction was clear

Before immersing himself into the spirituality and kriyas, he has delivered trainings on personal development and share market investments. He was highly influenced by Stephen Covey, the Author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and speaks with immense respect for this guy.

Most interestingly if you have started visualizing Prashant as some kind of serious looking, eternal “Saadhu” kind of personality with a long beard and turban, wait, you would be surprised to know he looks as common as us. He does take pleasure in simple everyday chores in life. His favourite line is “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”

He keeps his focus on ultimate well being of the society and rejuvenating those ideas that we probably have forgotten under the influence of today’s fast life. While German universities are struggling to comply their demand for Sanskrit language courses and discover the vast sea of spiritual and wisdom that our ancestors have created, people like Prashant do justice to our traditions by applying that wisdom in today’s life.

He believes in ancient Guru Disciple tradition. Although there are several books that have influenced him, it is the interactions with some of those great practitioners of few most ancient and not so known Kriyas or processes that have helped him apply his knowledge in today’s life.

One of his dream is to create the kind of schools that we have always benefited with during ancient times, called as “Gurukul” where the disciple gets evolved into the ultimate journey of knowledge, skills and self-realization. Empowering him/her to take up any challenge in life and be able to morph himself to changing situations and deliver his/her best.

Kamdhenu is also one of his coveted projects where he wants to bring back the tradition of “Gopur” and making sure different species of Indian Cows, which are now even scientifically proven to give better milk, under one roof.

He believes in the fact that there have been lot of study that went into all the traditions that were created during ancient days. He does promote questioning when required, but cautions that science, which has evolved only during last few 100 years might not have answers to some of these unknown techniques and philosophies that have history of 1000s of years.

A positive mindset can create miracles and scale well in the face of challenges and difficulties only through faith. It is very important to have that strong belief and then ultimately, our core can achieve, what it needs to, if there is enough reason and strong passion to get there.

A snapshot of some of Prashant’s workshops in Mumbai, Pune and parts of Maharashtra:




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