Pursuit of Happiness


Irrespective of your cast, creed, culture, religion, colour, geographic location, everyone wants to be happy. A sad man is a dead person, as he has stopped growing and lost all his hope. He is like stagnant water. Just like running water can turn itself into a stream, then into a river and ultimately reach out to the sea, stagnant water has lost its freshness and can never reach sea.

People seem to define, perceive and ultimately conceive happiness in different ways. It has different connotations, like happiness is the product of wealth, power, fame and position. While some believe its related to freedom.

A lot has been discussed about, written down and practiced to achieve this goal of happiness. But for few it’s a simple way of life and it’s not possible to achieve happiness, if you start associating it with material joys.


People do crazy things to be happy. Some might want to keep away from all the worldly responsibilities and live a life of freedom. While few might live a life of indulgence and try deriving happiness through it.

But for most of us it’s a delicate balance between demanding situations. For a common man, he must make sure he takes care of his family, friends and relatives, earns a decent living and takes some time out for his personal goals and hobbies.

And in no way, somebody can say that they have got the perfect formula for happiness. As it is a way of living and the definition of happiness for each one of us might keep changing over a period.

The things that you might have craving for, can start becoming redundant as you achieve them and this kind of happiness can never be permanent as its associated with this material world.

Most of these might be categorized as pleasures and can last for few moments and there might be very few who have understood the true meaning of happiness.


The truth is you cannot maintain the same state of mind all the time. There would always be moments which are not so pleasant. Secondly one must have acceptance for our own shortcomings and things that we do not have control on.

On the other hand, the happiness that you create by sharing, executing plans, pursuing goals could last more. The ultimate goals are to be satisfied, contented with your current situation, your current way of life, have an ability to adapt to changing situation, have few dreams and goals that encompass a bigger purpose in life.

Once you have taken responsibility for your own happiness and understood the fact that the real progress is in sharing, helping others and contributing to the beautiful world outside you by minutest way you can, you are living a life that is full of inspiration.


You might start finding happiness in giving, helping, sharing, inspiring, touching lives, raising yourself to situation, creating example for young minds, simply greeting, smiling, encouraging, sympathizing, teaching, being humorous, fighting for somebody and doing what you really love doing.

For those who know the beauty of their own mind, understand what ignites fire in them. They have set out on the path with higher values and ultimate freedom of mind and believe in internal growth by constantly working on self, would ultimately reach their highest potential and feel that eternal joy in everything that they do, as it has become their way of life.


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