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Spirituality is often misunderstood in most part of the world or rather it has been attached different meanings around the world.

I don’t claim to know it completely either, only because I came from India, a land of spirituality. But then lot has been written and thought about regarding spirituality in the Indian texts and books.

Some say that it is related to Religion and the definition of God in those religions. While others say that it is to do with being a monk or those who have left aside all the materialistic world and social bindings and decided to walk a life of austerity and simplicity.

So at the end of the day, spirituality is looked upon as something much complicated, than merely making a living, which is off-course important to feed yourself and to be able to take care of basic needs like food, cloth and shelter.

After a lot of soul searching, introspection and going through what the scholars across the world have to say, this is what I have discovered.

If you look at the word “spirituality”, it comes from “spirit”, your soul. The Soul which is not seen, like your body, but then it is distinct and represent you as a person in a broader sense than just your body.

After thousands of years of human history, we humans still keep looking for true meaning of life and we see very few, who seem to have discovered it and others who pull through their existence and never ever try peeping inside their own mind.

The terms like wealth, success, and fame keep alluding them and for many it sometimes is just a case of survival. The slogan being, since you are born you do need to carry on. Or sometimes it’s just imitation of the world around us, just to make sure we are current, we are not left behind and so we must follow.

So somewhere at the back of our mind we know that life as such is coming to an end, at some point and still we keep working hard, struggling to get there where our mind tells us to.

But then, let’s answer this. Does your life depend upon your parents, your background, your society or for that matter your own past?  Are you not at any given moment, in a position, to write, design, and create your own life?

Well in simple terms this is spirituality. Being aware of this power within us. And also being mindful of the fact that, you are always in a position to write your own story. It’s being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and striving to do better as you move on.

It is being aware that you can cheat the whole world, but not yourself. It’s about being humble and always ready to learn and improve. It is being aware that you are the finest creation of God, but so are the other human beings, in their own sense.  It is about feeding your mind in a right way as you feed your body.

The real spiritual people are fearless and always contented. Their purpose in life is much higher than most of us.

It’s not a relay race where you can pick up where your parents have dropped off and carry on. You can learn, understand and try to follow a similar path, but you really have to find your own path and understand your own mind to be able to reach your highest potential.

You still have to go through all the turmoil, all the hardships and also enjoy the happy moments and create memories of your own and those are always unique.

And at the end whether you are a billionaire or a powerful political leader or an extremely skillful person, this connection with your mind is what makes you a better person, a person who can make difference, help others.

A well lived life is life that touches few lives around positively and makes a difference. A person can have all the material comforts around and still his spirituality and values can keep him grounded. He knows that the power of his mind is much higher, than the value of his material possessions and at the end this is what gives you that joy, which is untainted and limitless.

A spiritual person keeps talking to his mind and he is always connected. He has clarity on where he is going. He cares for his integrity and strives to make sure his values are never compromised.

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