Vinit, literally means humble in Marathi. This highly intellectual guy, having traveled across the world, has always been down to earth in his approach. I happened to meet him first time during our Trek to Peth Fort in Karjat. From that first meeting till now, Vinit has always surprised me by revealing different aspects of his versatile personality.

One of the aspects of his many folded personalities is his writing. He is extremely passionate about his writing and his depth of knowledge and ability to touch your mind through simple, yet precise words, makes him a very distinct writer. He has a rare knack of simplifying complex technical information and his word-recipes can be consumed by readers of any level.


Vinit is a Pakka Mumbaikar and was born and brought up in Borivali, a metropolitan suburb of Mumbai. His roots in “Edvan” near “Saphale” has given him rich experiences as a child and we can get few glimpses of those through his writing. He derives his humble yet ambitious nature from his parents. His mom has been into teaching profession while is father also has engineering background.



After serving in BARC for a while, Vinit decided to find wings for his ambitions and landed in a job with Schlumberger. This job gave him the opportunity to travel around the world. He has traveled most parts of US as well as Europe. The nature of his job, which requires him to stay overseas for extended period of time, instilled a new passion in him in terms of his reading and writing.

Being an engineer by heart he got interested in advances of ISRO and while the whole world is busy featuring articles on terrorism and regional politics, this guy keeps the positive energy going around by writing about ISRO’s accomplishments.


Consistency is the key and when you are passionate about something you just can’t stop. Vinit keeps his articles very crisp and focused on the subject. His love for human aspect of life helps him paint the personalities and its different shades in a very vivid and humorous manner. His command on “Marathi” as a language, gets depicted through the lucid and precise flow of narration.

He doesn’t mind touching subjects, which most of us avoid talking about or expressing opinions about and hits on the core of the issues, which are ignored by our so called white collared society. He also promotes the positive aspects of our heritage and culture and helps understand our history better.

Whether it is a door man at the empire state building or “Pendya” from his native place, he reveals the intricate human aspect of each of them and irrespective of which part of the world you are from, he is successful in pulling your attention through simple words.

It is very easy to get drowned under the cynicism of today’s world and while we keep telling our kids to be positive and rise above all odds, what we keep exposing them to and reiterating every now and then, is all the fruitless noise, that is going around, adding to nothing more than frustration.

Vinit makes sure that he highlights the positive aspects of life, without any embellishments. While there are tons of negative things going on, the optimist always finds sunshine.

Vinit had this knack of conveying a very subtle and strong message in a very precise and pointed manner and his article generally leaves you thinking and provoke to do something about the subject. The beauty of his articles lies in his deep understanding of the subject as well as his inherent nature to relate them to your own life.

We definitely need more authors like Vinit, who can bring out the true colors of our culture, the joys in trivial aspects of life, UN-complicating happiness and feeling proud for what we really stand for, what we have contributed to the entire world.

Vinit has recently published few of his selected stories in digital as well as paper back form on google and amazon. The money that he makes through this sale would be donated to “Naam foundation”, which works to facilitate development of disadvantaged villages and lives of people. You can get your copy by clicking on following links.

Amazon (Paperback)
Google (Ebook)

My best wishes for Vinit for his journey of faith, motivation and passion. I hope this article inspires more people, who are like minded and want to contribute towards making this a world a better place to live in.


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